Thursday, August 03, 2006

Navigators Announced

All the new Navigators have been announced here.

Does anyone else notice that the Netscape homepage is full of articles about how great Jason is for thinking of this idea? I guess Jason has a built-in crew to vote for stories about how great he thinks he is. As my spouse said, this guy sure is full of himself.

I did some research. Five of the ten Navigators already work for Jason as bloggers for Weblogs, Inc. All Jason did was hire his own people and then make a big deal about people switching to be paid by Netscape. Only 3 of the people were top Digg users.


Blogger Alex Rudloff said...

And other days it's filled with how bad netscape is and how Calacanis is the devil.

Sways with the wind really..

We'll see how the navigator thing plays out. It could be the "best idea ever" or maybe not, maybe the entire thing will fail miserably. Jason's said as much himself.

But here's the general idea (in my opinion, I'm just a developer)

The goal is to water down bad content -- something that *all* social news sites have right now by pushing more submitted stories through. Anchor's role (C.K. & co.) are to highlight the nonpaid users contributions so nothing gets lost (like on digg, top users control everything. thats bad.), create exclusive content, and overall try to keep things moving along.

Prior to the navigators -- bookmarking is most of what anchors were doing. No one seemed to notice/mind. The title was changed, Jason grabbed some PR out of it, and now its a scandal. Really, it's not. It's not much different than what was already in play -- they're anchors with less responsibilities and a different title.

Navigators take on bookmarking as we prepare to add tons of anchor duties. All navigators will be clearly marked and will not be included in the top contributor rankings, just like anchors are not. (though they might be right now, but thats a bug)

Anyway.. hope this clarifies some. Hit me up anytime, I'd love to chat on it. I'm not much for all the drama though, so... yeah.

Let's talk about the issues facing social news and the about the different routes that can be taken to solve them. Navigators/Anchors is simply an attempt.


Alex Rudloff
alex at newnetscape dot com Developer

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